What is Compact Screw Compressor?

In the design of compact screw compressors, the issue of space has been taken into consideration by Sharoo turbo compressor designers. Therefore, it is tried to take this matter into consideration, to design and produce smaller devices in a “compact space” format. In design of a compact screw compressor, different parts, such as the oil separator and the oil receiver, are compactly mounted together. As a result, the required space is reduced to a minimum, and the service of the compressor is easily possible.


The best and highest quality parts are used in Sharoo compact compressors.

  • Unloader and MPV from VMC Italy.
  • German MANN oil filter and valve stiffness – check valve (Keynes Japan – Sim Italy).
  • Equipped with thermal and acoustic insulation (sound level of the device: 62 dB).

Why are screw compressors equipped with VSD or variable frequency drives:

The most important reason for using screw compressors with variable frequency VSD is to adjust the speed of the compressor based on the amount of air consumption. As a result, the reduction in energy consumption will be significant. In all compressors equipped with VSD, the amount of air production is precisely controlled by changing the frequency of electricity according to the needs of the consumer, and as a result, by the precise control of the speed of the electric motor. This parameter becomes more impressive especially in large airends and is a very suitable option for use in various industries.

Also, it has been removed from the application of sudden load to the power grid and the application of 5 times the ampere consumption during compressor start-up in the design of compressors made by Sharoo Compressor.

By using the PID inverter control (drive) algorithm, Sharoo compressor designers create the ability for the compressor to be without pressure fluctuations during the operation of the compressor, as a result, the air pressure is constant throughout the compressed air line and during the production process, and as a result The product is manufactured with constant quality.

So, Sharoo Compressor’s technical team suggests you to use direct drive series with inverter.

In the figure below, you can see the difference between star and triangle compressor start-up (red diagram) compared to soft start-up of the inverter-equipped compressor.

Compressors equipped with  VSD not only does not have an impact on the power grid, (pay attention to the red peak related to the start of the star and triangle, which occurs every time the device is turned on and off), but it does not shock the switches and the coils of the electric motor. be made Therefore, in the compressor equipped with a drive, it increases the life of the device.

Information table of compact compressors made by Sharoo Turbo Compressor