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Sharoo Team

Sharoo Team

Sharoo (Sharoo Turbo Compressor Engineering Group) was established in 2018, and after going through an ups and downs path to produce quality products in the field of compressed air equipment, and of course with the efforts of its founders Mr. Shahed Torkmendi and Sajjad Moradi, now all kinds of compressors Direct coupling type air is used in the production line of factories, refinery industries, pharmaceutical industry, mines in production.

It should be noted that the founders of this company have valid mechanical engineering degrees from Iran’s top universities and several patents.

Feeling the need for other high-quality products in the field of industrial and mining equipment and the continuous efforts of this team in the field of expanding all kinds of industrial products led to the production of refrigeration dryers, industrial chillers and the construction of diesel generators in 2023 to meet the needs of the dear Iranian industry.

Finally, as a leading technology company, Sharoo has always focused on cultivating talent and achieving the best quality.

Non-stop production with Sharoo Compressor products

Currently, this company produces or supplies the following products:

100% oil-free compressor, with 18-month unconditional warranty, airend with the latest water injection technology.

Making screw compressors with standard and modern design in Germany

Air treatment, filtration, dryer (refrigeration and absorption) and standard compressed air tank.

Special air compressor for power plant and spare parts