Portable diesel screw compressors

Portable diesel screw compressor or portable compressors are one of the types of air compressors that can be easily moved and used in various cases. The main advantage of these compressors is the possibility of using them in places where there is no access to electricity. Like roads and mines This is why most diesel compressors are designed to be portable.

In portable diesel screw compressors, an internal combustion engine is responsible for providing the power required by the compressor. In such a way that these engines work exactly like a car engine and convert the power from combustion into the rotational power required by the compressor.

A portable portable air pump should be powerful and reliable. As we mentioned earlier, diesel compressors are designed to be portable and moveable, so they are often used in open environments, and as a result, they are exposed to dust. Therefore, it is essential to have quality air filters in them. In addition, portable air compressors should be able to work in any kind of conditions, including very cold, humid or high altitudes.

Specifications of Sharoo portable compressors

  • It has an airend made in Germany, with high quality and stable performance.
  • Has a higher air flow capacity.
  • Using the new generation of Cummins engines.
  • Use of larger fuel tanks.
  • Longer maintenance intervals.
  • Strong and stable chassis.
  • Can be installed with German DEUTZ engine
  • It has several outlets with different flow rates
  • 360 degree steering wheel for flexibility and fast and comfortable movement

  • Equipped with PT fuel system technology specific to Cummins diesel engines.
  • Accurate control of Idle and Load cycle by electronic governor
  • Unique piston cooling design to withstand thermal and mechanical loads.
  • Unique design of cylinder head and combustion chamber to reduce the maximum noise and increase the maximum efficiency.

Preheater device in the intake air manifold for easy starting of the engine in very cold weather.

Information table of portable compressors made by Sharoo Turbo Compressor